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19 Ideas So Bad Only The Internet Could Love Them

"Dick-flavoured condoms."

Shitty Idea is a Tumblr of user-submitted, not-good ideas.

1. Logically sound.

2. LMK how this works out for you.

3. Walking would be a challenge.

(But otherwise I'm for it.) /

(But otherwise I'm for it.)

4. Possibly insensitive, possibly genius.

5. Whatever floats your boat.

6. Works, though.

7. Ouch.

8. I think that's just called ribbons.

9. Admissions is lit.

10. BRB, gagging.

11. Hydration is key.

12. Don't act like you've never considered it.

13. 100% would drink.

14. Shows initiative.

15. Pondered this for way too long.

16. Efficiency is everything.

17. That's deep, bruh.

18. Olds will love.

19. That's a wrap.

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