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The "Cash Me Outside" Girl Has Merch Now, And SMH, It's Amazing

Cash her out outside, literally.

By now you know of Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli who became a viral meme after appearing on Dr. Phil.


Well since achieving meme fame, Danielle's Instagram following has grown to more than a million. So the next logical step is to profit, right?

Twitter: @tristanthoo

Get that meme money.

So what is Danielle offering? Well, there's some good 'ol tees.

There's this custom take on a Champion hoodie.

In the biz they call that a "logo flip".

Okay but things get real good when you get past the clothes.

There's a puzzle. Yes, a puzzle.

There's a ceramic photo plate.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY there's a blanket called "YUP A BLANKET HO".

And you can have it for only $250.

Okay, you can now return to your day. Catch me waking up every morning draped in dank memes 👋