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15 Signs You're Obsessed With Harvest Snaps


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1. This is the greatest sight you can see at the grocery store.

There it is, a treasure.

There it is, a treasure.

2. When someone tries to come between you and your Snapea Crisps:

@mariuhsux / Via Twitter: @mariuhsux

3. Flavors be like Pokemon: Gotta catch 'em all.

4. When you realize the fact that the bag doesn't fold up after you've opened it means you have to eat the whole bag, and you're OK with it.

@maragracek / Via Twitter: @maragracek

5. You accept that accidents happen.

@isaialoha / Via Twitter: @isaialoha

6. This is you when the deli doesn't have any snapea crisps:

7. You've admitted that you have a problem.

@yazsus / Via Twitter: @yazsus

8. Your priorities are different than other people's.

@seandcastro / Via Twitter: @seandcastro

9. You don't care when chewed-up crisps get stuck in all the crevices of your mouth because that just means you can savor the flavor longer.

10. The snacks have affected your social life.

@TheNikkiSin / Via Twitter: @TheNikkiSin

11. Snapea Crisps are your economic policy.

@claudio_B / Via Twitter: @claudio_B

12. Your genetic makeup has actually changed.

@ameliabarlow / Via Twitter: @ameliabarlow

13. Snapea Crisps have you assessing your self-worth.

@dagostiinho / Via Twitter: @dagostiinho

14. You adjust your calendar for Snapea Crisps.

@AlexBiggard / Via Twitter: @AlexBiggard

15. When you're down to one Snapea Crisp so you smoke it like a cigarette so you don't have to let go of that sweet, sweet pea flavor.

Thinkstock / Angelo Spagnolo

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