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    11 Sandals Dudes Can Actually Wear Without Looking Like A Fucking Goober

    Embrace your inner dad.

    Dudes have trouble with sandals.

    It's not entirely your fault; good-looking options are rare. There's something about sandals that's always going to look a little off. But part of mastering the look is actually embracing your inner dad. Just keep things somewhat minimal, and you'll be alright.

    For the beach or pool:

    1. Vans checkerboard slides, $30

    Slides are the ultimate lazy boy move. They probably aren't the best for long walks, but if you're just kicking it poolside there isn't really a better way to go. Get them at Urban Outfitters.

    2. The most comfortable flip-flops, $36

    If you must flip and flop, keep it simple, go with darks colors, and buy super squishy soft Sanuks.

    3. Or the least expensive, simple flip flops you can find, $5

    For the outdoors:

    4. Classic Chaco, $100

    Like Tevas, Chacos are all about function over form.

    5. These ugly but (I promise) super functional and comfy Keens, $100

    I know what you're thinking: this is an ugly-ass sandal, like something a dad would wear. You're right on both counts. I would have never worn these, until I did, and then I felt like I could skip across slick river rocks without fear. Seriously, I've done 15 miles hikes in these.

    6. Tech-y Tevas $60, $80, $100

    Teva has been on a collaboration kick lately, and the results are badass (see above links).

    For the city:

    7. Birkenstock Arizona EVA, $35

    These plastic versions of the classic Birkenstock Arizona are an affordable way to get the Birkenstock look and feel. Get them at Need Supply.

    8. Birkenstock Arizona, $125

    The Arizona model is the most-Birkenstock Birkenstock. If you'd never worn Birks and have only laughed at them from afar, you're missing out. The cork footbed molds to your foot as you wear them, eventually becoming the most comfortable shoes you own. And they can easily be resoled when they wear down. Get these at Nordstrom.

    9. Classic Tevas, $50

    Teva is the original dad sandal. They're comfy, functional, easy to take on and off. Pretty basic, and that's a good thing. I'm wearing them right now (with socks!).

    10. Some classy AF leather mandals, $98

    When it's really fucking hot but you still have to look classy (maybe a fancy-ish outdoor party?) it's time to break out the leather sandals. Get these at Nordstrom.

    11. Some luxe suede slides, $223

    If you want to set yourself apart, invest in sandals with premium materials and little details you won't find from mainstream brands. Get these from Our Legacy.