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    Wait, Wow, SHE Was Gibby's Girlfriend On iCarly?

    She done glowed up.

    This is supermodel Emily Ratajkowski.

    You know her.

    She walks dogs in her underwear in winter.

    Maybe you remember her from the "Blurred Lines" video.

    Hey, remember that song?

    Maybe your boyfriend liked a picture of her butt on Instagram.

    BUT OMG, I was casually doing some iCarly research (as one does) and was reminded of the not one, but two, episodes featuring Emily Ratajkowski as Tasha.


    Then 18-year-old Emily Ratajkowski first shows up in season three, episode three, "iSpeed Date."


    Just in case you wanted to watch it for yourself.

    In the episode, Sam tries to pity-ask Gibby to a dance, and then is confused and angered when he turns her down.


    Why did Gibby turn Sam down? Because he's staying in with his new boo, Tasha.


    We are not shown how Gibby met Tasha, but he is drinking some kind of brown drink, and his mom made them strawberries and whipped cream. Interesting.

    But wait! She's not done. Tasha comes back in season three, episode 11, "iEnrage Gibby."


    And everyones like "How is Gibby dating her?" Which, quite frankly, is rude.

    Okay, and like she's at Gibby's school in the morning, but she goes to a different school, so she got up really early just to come say good morning? Seems fishy.


    Also, Gibby is drinking a fountain drink before school, which I don't recommend.

    Then Gibby was like "How great is her attitude?" Wow what a healthy and supportive relationship.

    Also he says "I'll walk you to your car." I thought these kids were like 13.

    Then Carly throws a "hobo party," which seems insensitive.


    And Tasha wears this hardly-theme-appropriate ensemble.


    But then, UH OH! Tasha falls on Freddie...


    ...Gibby sees and is, as the title of the episode implies, enraged.


    Then Gibby challenged Freddie to fight him but I'm not gonna indulge that because violence is never the answer!

    But then, thankfully, Freddie remembers there's a camera set up to record a molding PB&J, and the footage exonerates Tasha and himself from wrongdoing. Phew!


    Wasn't that an exhilarating recap? Anyway, wow, who would've thought Gibby's girlfriend would turn into a star.

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    The more you know.

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