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    15 Gifts For That Friend Who Refuses To Grow Up

    Peter Panning like it's an art.

    1. A subscription to their favorite cereal, $16.85

    Get three boxes of the greatest cereal ever delivered every month.

    2. This badass bubble tent, $1,657

    3. This realistic looking fake money, $9.95

    4. An interactive R2D2, $249

    Because the mufukka actually bleeps and bloops!

    5. Or a slightly more involved robot, $21.85

    6. This sick-ass log drum, $99.99

    So they can annoy everyone while making dope natural beats.

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    7. This badass drifting trike, $159.99

    8. This system that plays NES and SNES* games, $41.99

    9. A vintage video game lot*.

    10. A pog collection, $30

    11. A big ass arcade machine like Hydro Thunder, $1,995

    12. The best fucking Nintendo game in a decade: Splatoon, $59.99

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    13. This dope UTV, $7,999

    14. Muffukkin Rocket Skates, $675

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    15. A simple and entertaining yo-yo, $3.49