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    12 Shoe Charts Every Guy Needs To Bookmark

    "My mama always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes — where they going, where they been."

    1. First things first, this overview of styles:

    2. Cover your bases with these four staple styles:

    3. Understand the right sneakers for the right activity.

    4. Get to know the basic dress-shoe styles:

    5. Study this comprehensive guide to dress-shoe jargon:

    6. Now learn how to shine your dress shoes:

    7. Speaking of laces, they can be changed depending on your specific foot problems:

    The Athlete's Foot / Via

    8. Save this if you need tips specifically for brown shoes:



    Seriously, they absorb moisture and keep your shoes' shape, both of which make your shoes last longer. And they make your shoes smell good. (If your shoe trees lose their cedar smell, just give them a light rub with sandpaper and they'll smell fresh.)

    10. Save this easy guide for pairing shoes and pants:

    11. Buy this detailed illustrated poster for the sneakerhead in your life:

    12. Watch the funny and informative first episode of "Put This On," which is all about shoes:

    Now you're set.

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