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    12 Shoe Charts Every Guy Needs To Bookmark

    "My mama always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes — where they going, where they been."

    1. First things first, this overview of styles:

    2. Cover your bases with these four staple styles:

    3. Understand the right sneakers for the right activity.

    4. Get to know the basic dress-shoe styles:

    5. Study this comprehensive guide to dress-shoe jargon:

    6. Now learn how to shine your dress shoes:

    7. Speaking of laces, they can be changed depending on your specific foot problems:

    8. Save this if you need tips specifically for brown shoes:


    10. Save this easy guide for pairing shoes and pants:

    11. Buy this detailed illustrated poster for the sneakerhead in your life:

    12. Watch the funny and informative first episode of "Put This On," which is all about shoes:

    Now you're set.


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