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    Poochi Is About To Be Your New Favorite Goat


    Joy the Sheep is an incredible social media account. It's about sheep and goats.

    It posts videos daily from a badass farm of rescued animals in Australia. And it has become huge on Vine and Snapchat.

    There are a whole bunch of animals on the farm.

    But one goat has emerged as the star of the show. It's Poochi.

    Poochi has a brown head and a white body. She mostly just wants to chill.


    She loves sitting on people things.

    But she enjoys playing with others, too.

    Poochi, you're too big for that bucket.

    Poochi with a glove on her head. Poochi on a slide. The fun never stops.

    Not to be confused with Poochie The Rockin' Dog.


    Poochi, the snoozin' goat.

    When you're trying to nap but people keep bothering you:

    So relatable.

    Do your thing, Poochi.

    Live your best life.