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17 Just Great Looking Dogs

Arf arf.

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1. This grumpy little dog.


2. This contemplative pup.

Angelo Spagnolo / BuzzFeed

3. These two cuddly doggies.

Taylor Miller

4. This dog who just hates plums.

5. This dog who just can't resist.

6. This comfy canine.

@lindachen82 / Via

7. This grumpy-ass dog in the sink.

That's not where doggies belong!
@glamdring_cat / Via

That's not where doggies belong!

8. This puppy who just discovered the holiday spirit.

9. This puppy with mesmerizing blue peepers.

Arf arf!

Arf arf!

10. This bald best friend.

11. This majestic woofie.

@curlycupke / Via

12. This adorable yoga puppy.

13. These adorable puppy pals.

@kitty_in_ny / Via

14. This dog who doesn't take any shit.

15. This dog who is comfortable with its sedentary lifestyle.

16. This dog in a box.

Dogs love boxes.

Dogs love boxes.

17. And this pale pup.

@white_coffee_cat / Via

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