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    22 Things Every Guy Does When He Starts Losing His Hair


    1. You scream "I'm too young to be losing my hair!" no matter how old you are.

    2. You delve the depths of the Internet for miracle cures.

    3. You start investigating your family tree looking for signs of hope...or despair.

    4. You examinine the extra hairs in the shower drain (hoping they're from your body not your head.)

    5. You get even more bummed after looking into the cost of prescription remedies.

    6. And you read that the common prescriptions can squash your sex drive...

    7. But you're afraid you may never have sex again anyway.

    8. You realize stressing about hair loss will actually make it worse.

    9. You experience a sunburnt scalp for the first time.

    10. And then your enthusiasm for hats increases dramatically.

    11. You start search for the magical hair style that will hide your pain.

    12. You run into an ex who hasn't seen your "updated" hairline.

    13. Your already bald friends tell you "You look good."

    14. You can't look at pictures of yourself when you had a full head of hair.

    15. You start looking balefully at your luscious headed friends.

    16. But you find solace that even world class athletes are going through it.

    17. And realize you're handling your hair loss better than LeBron.

    18. Plus you remember you're saving hella money on haircuts.

    19. And drying your head after a shower takes literally seconds.

    20. You're reassured that even though you don't look like Jason Statham...

    21. ...there are lots of people who are attracted to bald men.

    22. And you finally accept that, even without your hair, you are still you.