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    Let's Be Real People Were Definitely Banging At Hogwarts


    Both Skins and the Harry Potter series follow compelling groups of UK teens. But where Skins was beloved for its shockingly real depiction of teen partying, sex, drugs and mental health issues, Harry Potter has none of that.

    Like, you've got several hundred teenagers locked in a boarding school together with a world of mischievous spells at their disposal. Somebody was smangin' at Hogwarts.

    So what if Harry Potter was a real about high school life as Skins?

    1. As one of the most popular boys in school, Harry would have been a much more prolific dater.

    2. And the Harry, Ron and Hermione ~love triangle~ would have involved actual intercourse, cheating and emotional sabotage.

    3. Which would have lead to so much more gossip.

    4. Luna would basically be Cassie.

    ...but hopefully Luna's sneakily grounded demeanor would help her avoid Cassie's struggles :(

    5. Dean Thomas would have slurped Harry off when the gang went on a snowy field trip to Hogsmeade.

    6. Neville would have had a sexual relationship with Sybill Trelawney.

    7. The Gryffindor Common Room would have been much more *cozy*

    8. And there definitely would have been some wild dorm parties.

    9. People would definitely be sneaking Firewhisky on the reg.

    10. And hitting the gillyweed er day.

    11. Ginny would have ended up being a wilder party girl than her older siblings and their friends.

    12. And Hogwarts' gay and lesbian couples would have been much more visible.

    13. Seamus Finnigan would have been a hard drinkin', smokin', fightin', emotionally crippled badass.

    14. A major squad member would have died at the end of each Potter book.

    15. But then Harry Potter would have been remade in a terrible, watered-down American version with none of the edge that made the original so great.