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Here Are 9 Affordable And Stylish Suits

I bet you've got a graduation, wedding or job interview to go to this spring. You should buy a suit.

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2. Suit Supply Napoli in plain blue, $399

Suit Supply's Napoli fit is the perfect starter suit. A slightly padded shoulder and traditional button-stance (slightly above your natural waist) give a fitted but not-too-slim silhouette to a variety of body types.



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To get an inexpensive suit to look as good on you as it does in the pictures, you're going to have to invest in a bit of tailoring. A tailor can help you shorten or lengthen sleeves and pants, taper pant legs or slim the arms and body of a suit.

NOTE: The shoulders of a jacket are hard (and therefore expensive) to alter. It's important that you find a jacket that fits in the shoulders right off the rack.

Some Suit Supply and J.Crew locations (as well as large retailers like Nordstrom) will have on-site tailors to help you out. If you buy a suit at a physical store, the salesperson should be able to recommend a tailor for you.

If you're buying online, you can simply Google tailors in your city. BUT MAKE SURE TO FIND A LEGIT TAILOR NOT JUST A DRY CLEANER THAT DOES ALTERATIONS. Checking reviews will be crucial.

Prices vary, but a few simple fit adjustments to any of the above suits shouldn't cost you more than about $50.