21 Hacks That Will Change The Way You Eat Fries Forever

When I dip, you dip, we dip.

1. Fries > croutons.

2. The secret sauce.

@P0tterhead_394 / Via Twitter: @P0tterhead_394

3. Use ramen seasoning to spice up your fries.


4. Hoard your sauces.

@UterusTears / Twitter / instagram.com / Via Twitter: @UterusTears

5. Sour cream + potatoes = yum. Always.

@BarryNMooch / Via Twitter: @BarryNMooch

6. I mean, people do call them “chips.”

@tasskanakos / Via Twitter: @tasskanakos

7. Use a fork for maximum fry potential.

@Muva_B / Via Twitter: @Muva_B

8. Always get fresh, hot fries.

@HLewis116 / Via Twitter: @HLewis116

9. In the UK they eat fries with curry sauce. It’s good.

10. Big Mac sauce for the win.

@sohaaaxo / Via Twitter: @sohaaaxo

11. DIY cheese fries.

@KeightyNoreen / Via Twitter: @KeightyNoreen

12. Fries are a veggie, too.

@sailorkt / Via Twitter: @sailorkt

13. Add some sweet to your savory.

@brockcousin / Via Twitter: @brockcousin

14. Get Italian with it.

@steflowr / Via Twitter: @steflowr

15. This is a controversial move.

@ohkenzie / Via Twitter: @ohkenzie

16. Gravy makes everything better.

17. Try this spicy version.

@kassazevedo / Via Twitter: @kassazevedo

18. Literally fire.

19. Get a side of lemon and pepper at In-N-Out.

@sleepyflowers_ / instagram.com / Via Twitter: @sleepyflowers_

20. Upgrade your sauce game.

@angelicow / Via Twitter: @angelicow

21. So necessary.

@gabrielle_shayy / Via Twitter: @gabrielle_shayy
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