21 Hacks That Will Change The Way You Eat Fries Forever

    When I dip, you dip, we dip.

    1. Fries > croutons.

    2. The secret sauce.

    3. Use ramen seasoning to spice up your fries.

    4. Hoard your sauces.

    5. Sour cream + potatoes = yum. Always.

    6. I mean, people do call them "chips."

    7. Use a fork for maximum fry potential.

    8. Always get fresh, hot fries.

    9. In the UK they eat fries with curry sauce. It's good.

    10. Big Mac sauce for the win.

    11. DIY cheese fries.

    12. Fries are a veggie, too.

    13. Add some sweet to your savory.

    14. Get Italian with it.

    15. This is a controversial move.

    16. Gravy makes everything better.

    17. Try this spicy version.

    18. Literally fire.

    19. Get a side of lemon and pepper at In-N-Out.

    20. Upgrade your sauce game.

    21. So necessary.