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DJ Khaled Got Lost At Sea On His Jet Ski And Shit Got Very Real

"It's so real out here smh"

DJ Khaled, the producer, mogul, and hydration enthusiast, has basically the most lit Snapchat of all time.

But Monday night Khaled's Snapchat became a real-life drama as the hitmaker got lost in the dark on his beloved jet ski.

It all started when Khaled drove the jet ski to the house of his friend, rapper Rick Ross, earlier in the day.

DJ Khaled pulled up to Rick Ross' house on a jetski I'm actually dying

But when he left for home the sun was beginning to set.

Which is actually terrifying. Jet skis don't usually have lights.

Khaled was using his phone flash as a headlight to navigate home.

But thankfully Khaled eventually made it home safely.

But only after learning a hard-earned lesson. “The key is not to drive your jet ski in the dark. This is against the law," Khaled told fans. "Not even just that. This ain’t right.”

You can watch the whole saga on YouTube.

View this video on YouTube

Even if you don't understand Snapchat.