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    17 Lessons Cats Taught Us About Menswear

    No kibble stains, plz.

    1. Sometimes it's okay to brag.

    2. Grey is complimentary to almost any color palette.

    3. Don't get grumpy because it's cold out.

    4. Take the opportunity to get creative with layers!

    5. A cape is the purrfect, classy way to stay toasty.

    6. Turtlenecks are so in this season.

    7. Seriously, it's all about turtlenecks.

    8. It's okay to get a little costume-y.

    9. Don't be afraid to accessorize.

    10. There's no reason to fear bold patterns.

    11. Tis' the season to get your plaid on.

    12. Don't be afraid to embrace chunky knits.

    13. Nautical stripes are always in season.

    14. When in doubt: denim.

    15. A simple color-blocked top can really make your complexion pop.

    16. If you're gonna bowtie, go bold.

    17. Always remember: being comfortable is the secret to being stylish.