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    Dude, Here's How To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

    And all this shit is super easy.

    1. Buy yourself shoe trees. Seriously.

    Shoe tress absorb moisture and odor and help your shoes keep their shape longer. When your shoe trees lose their cedar fragrance, just hit them lightly with sand paper and they'll smell fresh again.

    2. And get thick, cedar hangers, too.

    Wire hangers literally tear through your clothes. A wider hanger will limit the stress on your garments. Cedar will make them smell great, but large, rounded plastic hangers work fine.

    3. But DON'T hang your knits.

    Any remotely heavy knit will stretch and separate when hung. If you go to a store and they have their knits on hangers, it's a sign they don't know enough about quality.

    4. Learn how to wax a jacket.

    View this video on YouTube

    Or any other canvas or heavy cotton clothes. Waxing helps natural fibers resist the elements, and can be done every year, so you don't have to buy new shit. This video will teach you how.

    5. Teach yourself how to sew so you can fix your busted clothes.

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    Basic mending skills for buttons and patches will help your clothes last wayyy longer. Or if your mom is nice, ask her to help you.

    6. Wash your clothes less often.

    Martin Poole / Getty Images

    Every wash thrashes your clothes and fades colors. Is it reallly dirty? Can you hang it outside to air out instead of washing it? If you can, hand wash any of your nicer/favorite garments.

    7. And dryers are even worse, so hang-dry.

    Dryers blast your clothes with hot air, which isn't good for their longevity. And hang-drying is basically free and eco-friendly. Plus, if you wash with cold water and avoid dryers, your stuff will never shrink.

    8. Get a garment brush for hard-to-wash clothes.

    Use it to brush dirt off heavy jackets and blazers. You just brush them, like a dog.

    9. Purchase a steamer.

    Steaming is more fun than ironing (LOL) and also lengthens the time in between washing clothes because it removes odors.

    10. If you really love something, buy multiples.

    You never know when a brand is going to discontinue your favorite item.

    11. Learn how to take care of leather boots.

    Leather is a natural hide, like your skin, that needs moisture and upkeep to do its job.

    12. Rotate your shoes so they last longer.

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    It's simple: don't wear the same shoes every day, that way your collective shoes will last longer.

    13. Use a shoe horn to keep the heels of your shoes intact.

    Shoe horns aren't just for fancy shoes. You can use them to slip into your pre-tied sneakers without smashing the heel cup. Let this dude tell you all about shoe horns.

    14. Invest in shoes that can be resoled.

    Good shoes are expensive, true, but well-made shoes can usually be resoled for years, which will actually save you money. Cheap shoes usually have glued soles, which cannot be replaced. Learn how to spot the difference in the video below.

    15. For more information on shoe care and quality, watch this awesome episode of Put This On.