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    Cam Newton's Pants Aren't Even The Worst Thing In This Picture

    A brief lesson in how a suit jacket should fit.

    Cam Newton is the Carolina Panthers quarterback and is probably going to win the Super Bowl. But the dude cannot dress himself. And it's sad.

    But the print isn't really the problem here.

    The pants themselves are pretty baller. A smaller dude, like, idk, Usher, could pull these off.

    It's that the pants don't actually fit.

    But Cam's pants weren't even the most offensive thing on the tarmac.

    So here's Cam photobombing his teammates.

    Except that he should have been explaining to them how poorly their jackets fit.

    But I don't blame them entirely.

    There's an easy excuse. These guys are super broad, huge men. It's hard to find clothes that fit. But that not the problem. These are rich men. They can afford perfectly fitting, custom suits.

    It's that they're products of the sad state of men's magazines which constantly show suits pulling at the middle button. Sure, it looks slim in a still image on the page. But when you wear clothes you need to be able to, like, actually move.

    Ironically, a good rule of thumb for suit jackets is football related.

    Better luck in the Super Bowl, guys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯