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    Ranking The 200 Best Sweaters In "Friends" History

    Just in time for fall.

    A couple notes on this definitive ranking:

    1. This is the definitive ranking. All other rankings of Friends sweaters are illegitimate.

    2. This ranking is completely arbitrary please don't argue with me.

    3. There are no sweatshirts included here. There are a lot of great sweatshirts on Friends, but that's another post.

    4. If I couldn't conclude whether a top was a sweater or just a shirt, I did not include the top.

    5. Gunther never wore a sweater.

    Okay, let's go.

    200. Rachel's Ralph Lauren co-worker's chunky knit cardigan.

    199. Joey's turtleneck with rectangles.

    198. Ross's drab, greyish v-neck.

    197. Chandler's charcoal-grey sweater vest.

    196. Monica's multicolor turtleneck.

    195. Ross's white ribbed crewneck.

    194. Phoebe's mishmash sweater vest.

    193. Monica's blue grid.

    192. Ross's gross green v-neck.

    191. Monica's pink gradient.

    190. Rachel's right angle.

    189. Monica's short-sleeve cardi.

    188. Joey's stripey-sleeve mini v-neck.

    187. Monica's bedazzled cardigan.

    186. Monica's purple stripes.

    185. Phoebe's cardigan with leaves.

    184. Ross's powder blue crewneck.

    183. Phoebe's semi-scoop neck with strings.

    182. Ross's burnt sienna v-neck.

    181. Monica's big star.

    180. Joey's aubergine wooly boi.

    179. Monica's bright green boatneck with two circles.

    178. Ross's teachin' v-neck.

    177. Joey's baggy stripes.

    176. Ross's plain, grey, seemingly-wool v-neck.

    175. Ross's baggy ribbed sweater.

    174. Ditto.

    173. Rachel's sleeveless cable knit turt.

    172. Monica's green turtleneck.

    171. Paul Rudd's vertical stripes.

    170. Phoebe's cozy looking wide v-neck.

    169. Rachel's grey cardigan.

    168. Phoebe's Umbridge sweater.

    167. Ross's wide rib sweater.

    166. Ross's collegiate looking v-neck cable knit.

    165. Phoebe's sea foam green.

    164. Monica's fuzzy deep-v.

    163. Ross's bold blue stripeys.

    162. Phoebe's lavender v-neck with squiglies

    161. Monica's simple red jumper.

    160. Joey's thin stripes.

    159. Rachel's grey cardigan.

    158. Phoebe's red and blue cardi.

    157. Monica's burnt sienna v-neck.

    156. Phoebe's lavender cardigan .

    155. Joey's one stripe.

    154. Monica's sheer waffle knit.

    153. Phoebe's weird portrait sweater.

    152. Monica's periwinkle turt.

    151. Joey's Special Blend sweater.

    150. Rachel's sage turt.

    149. Joey's cafe job sweater.

    148. Monica's green, brown and orange sweater.

    147. Rachel's marbled grey turtleneck.

    146. Reese Witherspoon's brown turtleneck.

    145. Rachel's turt with pink arm thingies.

    144. Joey's deep purple turt.

    143. Joey's ribbed grey turt.

    142. Monica's sage cardigan.

    141. Rachel's sweater with some weird square object in the middle.

    140. Phoebe's see-through cardigan that looks like a blanket I used to have.

    139. Monica's medic sweater.

    138. Phoebe's colorific keyhole sweater.

    137. Rachel's bright crewneck with pink rectangles on the sleeves.

    136. Ross's nearly-sheer cable knit.

    135. Phoebe's red cardi with dogs.

    134. Phoebe's shawl-collar stoner sweater.

    133. Chandler's simple great crewneck.

    132. Joey's ugly striped crewneck with napkin.

    131. Phoebe's thick sweater with large buttons.

    130. Rachel's doily-lookin'-ass cardigan.

    129. Chandler's fuchsia sweater vest.

    128. Monica's "this barely qualifies as a sweater" sweater.

    127. Another red sweater for Monica.

    126. Jon Favreau's drab stripes.

    125. Phoebe's loooong greeny.

    124. Phoebe's purple cardigurple.

    123. Monica's collared green thingy.

    122. Rachel's pink cardi.

    121. Monica's 'lil v-neck.

    120. Chandler's simple blue v-neck.

    119. Phoebe's pink cardigan with pastoral scene.

    118. Phoebe's tight cardigan.

    117. Dizzy from Starship Troopers' elegant white cardigan with pearls.

    116. Rachel's "hanging out at the mall in 2005" sweater.

    115. Joey's deep red v-neck.

    114. Joey's "I'm on a real boat not in front of a green screen" sweater.

    113. Chandler's sweater that is different than his other grey sweater vest because if you look closely it has a subtle pattern in there.

    112. Monica's nice 'n stripey boi.

    111. Monica's sweater that your mom definitely had.

    110. The bad guy from Hackers's deep-v.

    109. Monica's color-blocked turtleneck.

    108. Ross's burnt orange with something weird happening at the shoulders.

    107. Chandler's ribbed grey sweater vest.

    106. Monica's fuzzy periwinkle.

    105. Rachel's scalloped maroon turtleneck.

    104. Ross's lavender v-neck.

    103. Monica's big 'ol cozy boi.

    102. Rachel's boatneck cable knit.

    101. Phoebe's powerful shouldered emerald number.

    100. Chandler's thin stripeys.

    99. Rachel's futuristic cardigan.

    98. Phoebe's pastel stripes.

    97. Joey's classic black turtleneck.

    96. Joey's Foursquare sweater.

    95. Ross's only good sweater.

    94. Janice's orange sweater with purple fringe.

    93. Rachel's orange turt.

    92. Monica's orange turt.

    91. Joey's tight sweater that looks like a rug.

    90. Monica's sweater that is definitely also from the Gap.

    89. Ross's chunkkkkky knit.

    88. Ross's other big 'ol chunky fisherman sweater.

    87. Brad Pitt's good fit.

    86. Hank Azaria's warm-ass-lookin' sweater.

    85. Ross's R&B singer turtleneck.

    84. Phoebe's baggy v-neck with a green square with a heart in it.

    83. Joey's velvety turt.

    82. Janice's pink cardigan with several necklaces.

    81. Joey's Diesel sweater.

    80. Monica's orange fuzzy boi.

    79. Chandler's blue sweater vest.

    78. Rachel's white ribbed v-neck.

    77. Ross's "got a nice sweater for the school dance" sweater.

    76. Jimmy Cooper's "for some reason Rachel is attracted to Jimmy Cooper" sweater.

    75. Phoebe's "hmm maybe new Phoebe can actually work" cardigan.

    74. Chandler's argyle sweater vest.

    73. Monica's turtleneck with a lot going on.

    72. Monica's ceiling thumpin' sweater.

    71. Rachel's pre-nose-job pinky with shoulder pads.

    70. Phoebe's cardigan with danglies.

    69. Monica's flashback sweater.

    68. Monica's ribbed, orange sweater with some weird design in the middle.

    67. Joey's black and blue fuzzy boi with a subtle diagonal stripe.

    66. Rachel's cozy lookin' turtleneck.

    65. Joey wearing several sweaters so this makes up for any accidental duplicates.

    64. Ross's "I haven't seen this episode so I don't know the context of this but wow" sweater.

    63. Phoebe's sweater with multicolored striped sleeves.

    62. Christina Applegate's asymmetrical "can I speak to the manager?" sweater.

    61. Ross's argyle sweater with a collar.

    60. Monica's "yep we're definitely in the 2000s" sweater.

    59. Paul Rudd's Freddy Krueger sweater.

    58. Monica's in another periwinkle sweater, another turtleneck.

    57. Ross's green sweater with a stripe.

    56. Ross's bright orange v-neck.

    55. Joey's really long cable knit.

    54. Rachel's "wow I wonder if the producers see breasts as a major selling point of this show" sweater.

    53. Chandler's really wide cardigan.

    52. Monica's blue ribbed turt.

    51. Ross's grey sweater with the stripe.

    50. This old dude's cowichan.

    49. Phoebe's fuzzy diamond patterned cardigan.

    48. Phoebe's sweater with the moose.

    47. Monica's librarian cardigan.

    46. Chandler's oatmeal-y sweater vest.

    45. Monica's Harley Quinn cardigan.

    44. Phoebe's cardigan with poodles.

    43. Chandler's striped cardigan.

    42. Ross oatmeal and raspberries.

    41. Rachel's cropped, fuzzy white.

    40. Chandler's nubby grey.

    39. Phoebe's other sweater with a moose.

    38. Monica's beige sweater with geometric sleeve designs.

    37. Phoebe's oversized, banana pepper colored sweater.

    36. Rachel's white sleeveless turtleneck.

    35. Monica's seasonal crewneck.

    34. Phoebe's sweater with smiley faces (!!!)

    33. Chandler's sweater vest with horizontal stripes.

    32. Joey's other orange sweater.

    31. Phoebe's cardigan with flora.

    30. Monica's velvety maroon turt.

    29. Jojo's deep navy sweater with earth tone cuffs.

    28. Ross's beige boi.

    27. Rachel wearing the same sweater as above.

    26. Phoebe's trippy green thingy.

    25. Paul Rudd's maroon turtleneck did I already do this one IDK my eyes have glazed over.

    24. Ross's blue v-neck feat. Denise Richards.

    23. Chandler's Slytherin sweater vest.

    22. Ross's quarter-zip.

    21. Joseph's deep purple turtleneck but it's different than his other deep purple turtleneck because it's ribbed.

    20. Ross's sand colored v-neck.

    19. Rachel's monkey-babysittin' sweater.

    18. Phoebe's "how do sweaters work?" sweater.

    17. Monica's seriously very trendy in 2017 cardigan.

    16. Joey's sweater that looks like a pile of mulch, whatever that is.

    15. Monica's deep-pink with some hippie design.

    14. Joey's classic blue sweater that looks like a luxurious towel.

    13. Monica's fuzzy boi with a light blue stripe.


    11. Ross's keyboardin' sweater.

    10. Monica's diner sweater with fake boobs.

    9. Monica's "is that a sweater vest is that a (spoiler alert) foreshadowing of your eventual relationship with Chandler?" sweater.

    8. Ross's speckly boi.

    7. Chandler's straight up black sweater vest.

    6. Monica's Slytherin cardigan.

    5. Joey's creamy v-neck.

    4. Phoebe's chunky stoner sweater.

    3. Joey's orange, ribbed turtleneck.

    2. Rachel's Speedracer-y Diesel sweater.

    1. The sweater Rachel puts on her great, not-mean cat that she was totally mean to!