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13 Apps And Extensions To Help You Stay Woke

Bleak but essential tools for the modern world.

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4. Dronestream

The creator of this project made news last year when Apple removed their app, Metadata+, from the App Store. The app sent users an alert every time someone was killed by a U.S. drone strike. Metadata+ is no longer available, though it still works if you downloaded it before it was removed by Apple. But the project still exists as a Twitter account and a public API, which developers can use to create graphic representations of the drone strike data.


5. Mobile Justice

The Mobile Justice app lets you record video and audio and send it securely to your local American Civil Liberties Union office, which is handy in case police confiscate your phone during a protest or other incident. The app also has easy-to-access information about your legal rights when dealing with police.

Free for iOS and Android (select your state-specific version via the ACLU).

7. Signal

Signal is an encrypted chat and voice call app. It works just like your favorite messaging apps, but uses end-to-end encryption. Basically this means your data is coded as it travels, and each person has a key to unlock secure messages on their own end, so the phone or internet company can't see your messages.

Free for iOS and Android.


11. Ghostery

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Ghostery is a web extension that shows you which companies are tracking your data, and lets you choose which trackers to block. The video does a good job of explaining why you should know about what companies are tracking your web activity.

Get it for your preferred browser.

12. Disconnect Search

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Disconnect Search is a web extension that lets you search just like normal, but without Google (or whomever) tracking your searches and connecting them to other information about you. Note: Disconnect Search is distinct from Disconnect, which is basically the same as Ghostery.

Get it for Chrome.

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