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    16 Awesome Summer Items That Are Actually Worth The Price

    "Homegrown's all right with me."

    First thing’s first: Yes, this shit is mostly expensive. But with good reason — everything is made in the United States.

    1. A classic white T-shirt, $42 for pack of three

    2. A sturdy, four-season OCBD*, $140

    3. A wind- and water-resistant anorak that packs into its front pocket, $256

    4. A serious sunscreen, $38

    5. An authentic throwback baseball jersey, $136.50

    6. A lightweight nylon camp hat, $32

    For when it's too hot for a wool hat.

    7. The best cooler on Earth, $300

    8. A short-sleeved chambray, $106

    9. A pair of natural denim jeans, $235

    10. A classic lawn chair, $40

    Cupholders FTW.

    11. A bandana to wipe that summer sweat, $23.40

    12. A pair of made-to-order leather bluchers, $275

    13. A simple tank top, $55

    14. Some super chill shorts to wear to a BBQ, $75

    15. Some rugged AF sandals, $105

    16. And a big, tough-ass bag to carry it all, $150

    Pack it up, pack it in.