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    16 Awesome Summer Items That Are Actually Worth The Price

    "Homegrown's all right with me."

    First thing’s first: Yes, this shit is mostly expensive. But with good reason — everything is made in the United States.

    That cost reflects the difference between factory workers who make ~$12 an hour and sweatshop employees who make dollars a day, and in unsafe, poorly regulated conditions for unethically long hours.

    The less depressing reason to buy American-made clothes is simple: supporting American manufacturing jobs. Even a small purchase, buying an American made T-shirt, supports Americans workers.

    An added bonus of buying U.S. made? If you have a problem with a product, you can usually find the company and actually get in touch with someone who can help you.

    1. A classic white T-shirt, $42 for pack of three

    Doesn't get much more American than a white T-shirt and jeans.

    2. A sturdy, four-season OCBD*, $140

    *That's "oxford cloth button down." The "button down" refers to the collar, not the front.

    3. A wind- and water-resistant anorak that packs into its front pocket, $256

    Toss it in your bag in case of rain.

    4. A serious sunscreen, $38

    As a pasty dude who burns easily, mineral sunscreens have changed my summers for the better.

    5. An authentic throwback baseball jersey, $136.50

    These people make incredible reproductions of tons of vintage jerseys and hats, including throwback versions of your favorite team's uniform and rarer items like Negro Leagues and Japanese League kits. Basically, any of their pieces make a great gift for your dad (or any baseball nerd).

    6. A lightweight nylon camp hat, $32

    For when it's too hot for a wool hat.

    7. The best cooler on Earth, $300

    You know you want a Yeti, even if you can't explain why.

    8. A short-sleeved chambray, $106

    Chambray (which is like denim but lighter, with a different weave) will look better and better as it ages.

    9. A pair of natural denim jeans, $235

    Natural > pure white.

    10. A classic lawn chair, $40

    Cupholders FTW.

    11. A bandana to wipe that summer sweat, $23.40

    I keep one of these bandanas in the pockets of basically all my pants. Whether it's allergy season, cold season, or sweltering-ass summer, having a hankie on hand is essential to staying not-gross.

    12. A pair of made-to-order leather bluchers, $275

    They'll last way longer than your Top-Siders.

    13. A simple tank top, $55

    Sun's out, guns out.

    14. Some super chill shorts to wear to a BBQ, $75

    Until you spill sauce on them.

    15. Some rugged AF sandals, $105

    Take a hike.

    16. And a big, tough-ass bag to carry it all, $150

    Pack it up, pack it in.