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19 Essential Adventure Supplies You Didn't Know You Needed To Pack

Pack it up, pack it in.

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Hi, I am Angelo, a style writer here at BuzzFeed. Before working here, I worked in the outdoor industry, photographing and writing about products.

I camped and backpacked a ton, and in the process, I got a good sense for what gear was the shit and what was just shit. (And I mean that literally — on the trip shown above, in Olympic National Park, my camping friends and I identified several cougar stools!)

So here are some dope adventure products I discovered along the way that will improve your adventure experience — and are definitely worth the investment. Trust me.


6. This compact solar panel device charger, $60

Even if you're fully committed to getting off the grid, you still want to take pictures with your phone. A solar charger makes it easy ... but only if you're gonna be somewhere with sun. Obviously.

7. A basically unbreakable paracord wrist strap for your camera, $32

I always bring a length of paracord on camping trips. If I was a competent crafter, I would just make one of these for myself, but I'm not — so this works, too.

9. A titanium spork that fits on your keyring, $8.95

For when you encounter a wild burrito.

No but seriously, those are my actual keys. I keep a spork with me at all times just in case, but I first bought it for a backpacking trip.


10. This powerful whistle with a built-in compass, thermometer and magnifying glass, $5

Safety first. But in all honesty, whistles are an underrated tool. Like, if you get lost going to the bathroom at night in the woods, your friends can help you find your way home.

11. This bag that can keep 18 beers (!) cold or hold a camera with a bunch of fancy lenses, $110

This is just one of many super rad, innovative products from Poler, a quickly-growing camp and lifestyle brand from Portland, Oregon.


15. This water bottle that filters out harmful bacteria, $29

The first time I used LifeStraw I was scared. I was drinking out of a lake with hundreds of crawdads hanging out (aka pooping) and I was worried that even if it was safe, it would taste gross. But it was fine, and now I prefer it to bigger, bulkier water filters or weird-tasting tablets.

17. This waterproof lighter case, $14

You've probably got a waterproof case for matches, but you can never have too many fire starters. Keep things lit, even if you get wet, with this handy case. Plus, this one has a cool strap that can hold down the gas button so you don't have to.


18. This weatherproof travel wallet big enough for all the globetrotting essentials, $140

I'm always shoving boarding passes and my passport into random pockets and then frantically searching for them. It's not a good system. I need a wallet like this.

19. A fanny pack, $23

No, seriously. A fanny pack is actually a great place to keep your camera, water bottle and anything else you need quick access to without having to dig through your backpack. For trips (both camping or flying) fewer than five days or so, I try to pack only one backpack and one fanny pack.

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