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23 Things You'll Only Remember If You Existed Before The Internet

This is not a safe space for 14-year-olds.

1. Calling a girl and hoping her dad didn't answer.

DreamWorks Television / Via

2. Being tethered to the wall in order to make a phone call.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

3. "Playing" in a magical place called "outside."

4. Scraping your knees and elbows while "playing outside."

5. Propelling this strange device with your legs.

6. Nothing being more exciting than a trampoline.

7. Except maybe a treehouse.

8. Or a pool.

Universal Pictures / Via

9. Sending text messages like this.

Columbia Pictures / Via

10. Even sending actual letters.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Note: A letter is like a really long text message, on paper.

11. Writing out directions to places.

Note: Old people sometimes still do this and it is hilarious.

12. Looking shit up in an encyclopedia.

13. Valuing the library as a resource.

Warner Bros. / Via

14. Having to meet people at a previously agreed upon time and place.

NBC / Via

15. Looking up movie times in the newspaper.

16. Requesting a song on the radio, waiting for it to come on.

17. Having to watch shows when they were on.

18. Playing mobile games on a mobile device.

19. Using a computer for non-internet things.

20. Like playing Oregon Trail...

21. And learning geography from Carmen Sandiego.

22. Then these showed up in the mail and ruined everything.

23. And this is where all our free time went, never to be seen again.