PSA To Non-Aussies — Australians Are Sick To Death Of Being Asked These Questions

    Sincerely — an Australian.

    Reddit user u/natpatel101 took to the trusty digital streets of the Ask An Australian forum to ask: "As an Australian, what are you sick of being asked? 🤣". Here are some suggestions that fellow Aussies are exhausted of hearing...

    Will they ever stop? Probably not.

    1. "How do you say the word 'No'?"

    2. “Can you say it now?”

    "How about we try 'get fucked' instead 😂?"


    3. "Do you need to swear so much?"


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    "No, but it helps..."

    It's a part of the culture, and sometimes it feels so engrained into our vocabulary that swearing is second nature. You'll get used to it.

    4. "Do [you] have a FlyBuys/Rewards card?"


    do u have a woolies card xx

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    For any non-Aussies playing at home, these are loyalty cards used at two of Australia's major supermarkets — Coles and Woolworths. You can also use them at affiliated petrol stations and department stores like the happiest place on earth, Kmart!

    5. "How ya garn?"


    6. "Is there a bridge between Australia and New Zealand?"

    Illustration of a bridge with "Bridge to Aotearoa" text, connecting Australia and New Zealand maps

    7. "Tasmanian here. All I ever heard about was the devil, and even I got sick of spinning ridiculous lore about this creature."

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    The portrayal of the Tasmanian Devil in Looney Tunes and Space Jam might have something to do with this...

    The real question we should be asking is: "Why does the devil get all the love?"

    "Bring back the Thylacine please."


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    8. "Why is your national anthem so short?"

    Woman looks shocked while looking at her phone in a home setting

    9. "Are you guys 'upside down'?"

    10. "Vegemite — is it chocolate?"

    Jar of Vegemite with humorous label "only break seal in case of Australian emergency."

    11. "How do you deal with spiders?"

    Would you believe these silky sheets are actually spider webs that formed in Australia

    — Historic Vids (@historyinmemes) February 3, 2024
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    "Easy...My kids name them and then get concerned if they aren't in their usual spot." 


    You can encounter them anywhere so, my advice? Just make one of them your household pet and maybe, when other spiders come around, they'll defend you.

    12. "How do you survive the snakes?"


    So this was a first for me…

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    "If you leave the snakes the fuck alone you're even less likely to get bitten, it's really not a big deal. We're not spending all our time fighting off hoards of snakes."

    13. “Do you ride kangaroos/emus as a method of transportation?”

    Group of emus standing together in an Australian outback setting

    14. "Do you want to leave a tip?"

    Imagine if there was more tipping culture in Australia, like how would you even incorporate collecting tips into a routine. I would be so confused 😭😭

    — Asphyxia😈🦠 (@asphyxiadq) April 1, 2020
    Twitter: @asphyxiadq
    "No dickhead, make your boss pay you properly - I’m already paying $30 for my avocado toast and coffee."


    15. "Do you have electricity?"

    16. "Why do you say 'throw another shrimp on the barbie'?"

    17. "Have you ever seen a kangaroo?"

    Man peering through binoculars over a pile of wood; expression focused

    18. "Are you from Sydney?"

    Colored map of Australia divided into states and territories with city names

    19. And finally, "When the next season of Bluey is coming out?"

    Animated dog family with two adult dogs and two puppies in a sunny park

    What questions are you sick of being asked?

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