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    This Scrub Is The Only Thing You'll Need For Tighter, Brighter And Smoother Skin

    Exfoliate, hydrate and dominate.

    There's one thing I've learned in my eons (10 years) of hair removal — exfoliation is key.

    Yeah me, your waxing expert and your hairless bestie may bang on about it constantly, but I swear it makes for longer lasting smoothness and less in-grown hairs.

    You definitely don't need to do it everyday — because that'll dry up the skin of your bits — but using something like BodyBlendz Firming Exfoliant Wash two to three times a week should have you covered.

    AHA fruit acid, pineapple extract, green coffee seed liquid extract and sweet orange oil are packed into a gently exfoliating formula.

    If you're looking to even out your skin tone or smoothen your skin texture, look no further than the BodyBlendz Firming Exfoliant Wash, which features pineapple extract and orange oil — both rich vitamin C to help you reach your goals.

    Add this wash to your next 'everything' shower and you might just be surprised by how hydrated your skin feels.

    It sold out 72 hours after it launched and now, it's finally back in stock. So, don't sleep on the BodyBlendz Firming Exfoliant Wash or you might miss out on the silky, smooth goodness.

    Shop the full BodyBlendz range on their website.

    Silky, smooth skin OTW.