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"You're A Jerk!": 19 Most Iconic Characteristics Of The 2010s Jerk/Swag Era

Nothing was like the jerk/swag era of the 2010s, and nothing will ever be like that moment in pop culture for another ten years since trends only circle back every 20 years.

Between the late 2000s and the early 2010s there was a movement so large in music that it practically consumed a generation.

1. Colored Skinny Jeans

2. Snapbacks/beanies

a man smies

Driicky Graham - Snapbacks and Tattoos

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UMPG / Via

3. Tumblr

If u don’t know what this is I’m happy for u

Twitter: @patrickcctv

Before Instagram there was Tumblr, and before memes, there were Tumblr quotes. One of the goals of people old enough to experience the jerk/swag era in totality understood the importance of having a poppin' Tumblr account. Tumblr was a stomping ground for anyone that wanted to flex their stylishness while being superficially deep. Between the late 2000s and 2010s Tumblr was the place everyone went to get quotes like these to use as Facebook statuses.

4. Checkered Vans

checkered vans sneakers

5. Multicolored Converse

someone wearing flame designed converse

6. Studded, Checkered, and Chain Belts

a group of men pose for a picture

7. The over usage of the word "swag"

8. Colored flannels & letterman sweaters

a man wears a blue flannel

9. Vests

a group of men pose

10. Ray-Ban glasses without lenses

two women dressed like hipsters

11. Ripped jeans & khakis

a woman poses in overly ripped jeans

12. Graphic Tees

a group of men wearing graphic tees

13. Bright colored sunglasses & party shutter glasses

Kanye wearing cool shades
a couple wearing bright sunglasses

14. The pindrop dance

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GetUpandDanceTV / BMG

This has to be one of the most complicated and dangerous moves of the 2010s. Back then it was nothing to see someone hit the jerk right before they twisted their body and dropped on one leg, twirling before they came back up.

15. The Dougie

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Capitol Records / Via

Smooth and rythmic, the dougie dance was many Black people's go to dance move in the 2010s. Not everyone could jerk or reject on beat, but they could hit the dougie pretty flawlessly since it was just basically a two step with some arm and shoulder rocking.

16. The reject/jerk dance

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NewBoyzTV / UBEM

Simple in theory, however for many this iconic dance was a challenge. However, many Millennials and early Gen Z'ers trudged on, practicing the jerk/reject constantly in order to execute it perfectly at the next dance or house party.

17. Bowties

a man wearing a bowtie

18. Beats by Dre as a Necklace

a group of men wearing beats by dre headphones

19. Highly saturated photos

a person runs as they get hit with water balloons