21 Slang Words That Should Still Be Cool To Use In 2022

    Slanguage is forever changing, but these slang words will always remain top-tier.

    Slang is forever changing, and every decade the youth of the generation produces new lingo that puts a cool spin on the English language.

    1. On Fleek

    2. Buggin'

    A scene from "Clueless"

    3. Trippin'

    4. Illin'

    5. Word

    A GIF

    6. Poppin'

    7. Bomb

    8. Flava

    9. Fresh


    10. Turn up

    Marlon Wayans

    11. Boo

    12. Fly

    13. No doubt

    14. Tight

    15. Frontin'

    16. Words ending in -eezy

    17. Playa hate, playa hater

    18. Steelo

    19. Dope

    20. Swag

    21. Y.O.L.O. (you only live once)

    Do you agree with my list? What other slang terms need to make a comeback in 2022?