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    May 21, 2020

    TikTok Taught Me How Wild Vintage Makeup Compacts Were And I Desperately Need Them To Make A Comeback

    Reusable, efficient, AND they feel like spy gear?? OK, just take my money.

    Lately, TikTok has been teaching me a boatload of interesting things I had no idea about, like how Jeeps have hidden ~easter eggs~ or that soaking your strawberries in salt water will release little bugs living inside it.


    Can we make TikTok a university, because I am being educated, y'all.

    One of my favorite things I’ve seen on there recently is this vintage makeup compact shared by Brittany Schmeltzer — a 26-year-old who’s been collecting vintage clothes and accessories for more than a decade now.


    oop! another vintage compact, bc this is all that y’all want to see from me lol 😂✨ #homeproject #vintage #vintagemakeup

    ♬ Lazy Day - Ruth Etting

    Before I get into all the things that make this so gosh dang cool, can we please take a second to appreciate how pretty it is?? 10/10 would like one of my own, please and thanks.

    TikTok / @withdropsofjupiter

    Brittany estimates that this brass compact dates back to the 1950s. In the 1960s, a lot of makeup companies made the switch to plastic compacts because they were cheaper to mass produce, like the ones we have today.

    TikTok / @withdropsofjupiter

    Brittany's worked with numerous costume departments and has a really cool job at a vintage biplane ride service, so I think it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about vintage goodies!

    The first compartment is just like your run-of-the-mill face powder compact. But wait, there's more!

    TikTok / @withdropsofjupiter

    There's a hidden blush compartment behind the mirror! It gives me the same energy as those ~spy toys~ I had as a kid that looked like a basic tube of lip gloss but were actually an invisible ink pen, or something like that. BUT IT GETS BETTER!

    TikTok / @withdropsofjupiter

    The compact also has these detachable lipstick tubes that slide right out and give you not just one, but TWO color choices! Or two of your favorites, whichever you prefer.

    TikTok / @withdropsofjupiter

    It's handy! It's cute! It's refillable! And tbh, having powder, blush, and lipstick all in one place sounds a lot easier than frantically fishing around the bottom of my purse for four separate things. I think it's pretty neat!


    It looks like I'm not alone in this, either. Brittany noted that a lot of people commenting on her TikTok were excited to see a more eco-friendly method of packaging makeup.

    TikTok / @withdropsofjupiter

    “Overwhelmingly, the comments on my videos are in favor of moving away from using plastics and cheap materials that make it easy for mass production. So many people have added that they would much rather purchase makeup that is better for the environment, with the option to refill their product.”

    As for Brittany, she’s really excited to see so many young people take an interest in learning about vintage products and fashion.

    You can find Brittany and more of her vintage collection on TikTok and Instagram.

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