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Tell Us About Your Weird Or Creepy Premonitions That Shockingly Came True

Coincidence? I think not!

Have you ever had a strong, nagging feeling that something bad or unusual was about to happen...only for it to come true? That, my friends, is a premonition.

Troy from "Community" saying, "I knew it!"

If that feeling rings a bell, we'd love to hear the story behind it! For example, maybe you had the overwhelming feeling that you should check on a friend, only to get a call from them later that day saying they'd hurt themself while hiking and had been calling out for help.

Alexis from "Schitt's Creek" saying, "what a coincidence"

Perhaps you had a gut feeling that you should stay home from a party and learn that a major car wreck happened on the road you were supposed to take to get there riiiiight about when you'd have been driving through.

Or maybe you had a dream that one of your family members died, only to wake up and learn that they actually did IRL, too.

Whatever your story is, we wanna hear all about it. In the comments below, tell us about the time you had a premonition that actually came true. You never know, it just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!