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Parents โ€” Have You Had A Wild, Spooky "Imaginary Friends" Moment With Your Kid?

There's truly nothing scarier than a child asking why someone you can't see is in the room with you.

I'm gonna be honest โ€” children are absolutely terrifying. Sometimes, they just say the creepiest things unprompted, and all you can do is pretend you were not just told something completely and utterly horrifying in the most casual way possible.

@LilahSturges @LouisatheLast My daughter, at 4, called me into her room at 1 AM and told me she couldn't sleep because she was worried about the boy in the corner. She pointed to the corner and said, "Look at his eyes, Mommy. I think he's really sick. Can you hear his mother crying?" ๐Ÿ‘€

Twitter: @Murbrum

One of those famously spooky things kids talk about is their "imaginary friends." Whether you believe there's a scientific explanation for it or that it's based in something paranormal, there's an undeniably unsettling feeling that comes with hearing that someone you can't see is in the room with you.

A ghost in the background as a little girl plays with a tea party set

Well, because I love a good scare, I wanna hear your unsettling "imaginary friends" stories. Whether you're a parent whose little one has shared a creepy tale or two, or you remember stories from your own childhood, I wanna hear about it!

Perhaps, you grew up with an imaginary friend who was a little boy named Timmy who supposedly lived in your house many years ago. Then, you grew up and learned that there actually was a Timmy who inhabited your home, like, 200 years ago, but he died on the property from tuberculosis.

A shadowy figure at a window

Or, maybe your little one always laughs and talks to someone, but there's no one there. Then one day, they describe their imaginary friend to you...who just so happens to look identical to and have the same name as your grandfather, who died months before your kid was even born.

A father and son under the blankets using a tablet

Or, perhaps your imaginary friend was always saying the creepiest things, like telling you scary stories or predicting things that hadn't happened yet...but were about to.

Whatever the story is, I wanna hear about it! In the comments below or via this 100% anonymous form, tell us about your creepiest, most wild "imaginary friends" stories. They just might end up in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!