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    22 Pictures That Will Lower Your Blood Pressure, Clear Your Skin, And Make You Relax For Once In Your Life

    These photos make my brain very, very happy. 😌

    1. Let's start simple, with this perfect, untouched Cheez-It aisle that makes me want to (carefully, of course) skip through the aisles of this grocery store with glee:

    2. This sleepy, snow-covered house that looks straight out of a Christmas carol:

    3. The wildly satisfying way these grains of wood swirl around each other:

    4. The way this vacuum head fits perfectly in this hole in the really...what are the odds????:

    5. Just absolutely everything about this color-coded ornament wall:

    6. The way this sweet little fur baby blends in perfectly with the chair they're lounging in:

    7. This bell pepper display that's so pretty, I would simply admire it and forget that I needed to buy peppers altogether:

    8. This beautifully organized Tupperware drawer that β€” up until this moment β€” I was convinced only existed in movies and not, in fact, real people's homes:

    9. The simple pleasure that is this perfectly cut, unbruised, gorgeous avocado:

    10. The 1,000/10 job this person did stacking these logs into the back of their truck. Like, seriously, no notes:

    11. This hammerhead shark that...wait for it...IS MADE OF THE HEADS OF HAMMERS:

    12. The frankly gorgeous way these water pipes have been laid out:

    13. The way these two carrots wrapped around each other while they grew, like they were having a big ol' hug the whole time:

    14. Both the way this cube looks in the person's hand AND how it looks in the prism on the wall:

    15. The otherworldly glow this gin and tonic and uranium goblet have under a blacklight:

    16. The way this lizard is so perfectly camouflaged on this tree, I almost didn't notice him at all:

    In case you're struggling to find the lil' dude, here's a hint:

    17. The *chef's kiss* way all these Disney DVDs line up in rainbow order:

    18. The way this sweet little baby fits perfectly β€” and cozily β€” in the sink:

    19. The way these leaves transition from green to yellow to orange to red smoother than I've ever done anything in my life:

    20. This pixely gradient made by this bench that I just wanna sit there and admire for a minute, TBH:

    21. This perfect, amazing, incredible, wonderful little snowflake that is doing a very, very good job snowflake-ing:

    22. And finally, the oh so satisfying way these tomatoes change color on the vine:

    h/t r/MildlyInteresting and r/OddlySatisfying