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    21 Times Restaurants Got A Littttttle Too Creative With Their Food

    Maybe just this one time we could think inside the box.

    1. This pancake presentation that didn't quite think it all through:

    2. This sandwich that is obviously much better suited for a hubcap than a plate:

    3. This hanging bagel that's letting all the ooey gooey goodness out:

    4. This pin that is certainly being used for much more important things than rolling:

    5. These chips that are somehow on both a small log AND a comb:

    6. This cookie sundae that's spilling chocolate sauce all over not one, but two nonplates:

    7. These corn dogs that look a little too cozy:

    8. This tiramisu that put the coffee right back where it came from:

    9. This plating that left me completely and utterly speechless:

    10. These empanadas that are just hanging on by a thread:

    11. This POTato soup that left me with way more questions than answers:

    12. This presentation that really banks on you enjoying half your taco really, really soggy:

    13. These onion rings that are having a little too much fun:

    14. This treat that should come with a complimentary first aid kit:

    15. This presentation that was certainly, uh, creative:

    16. This meal that really could've just gone on the plate:

    17. This dessert that absolutely did not have to do what it did:

    18. This steak dinner that comes with a complimentary meat waterfall:

    19. These samosas that are ready for a ride:

    20. This shrimp that can take a message for you, too:

    21. And finally, this steak served in a vice that, just, WHY????:

    Steak served in a vice with fries and onion rings on a board

    h/t r/WeWantPlates