23 People Who Woke Up, Decided It Was Everyone Else's Problem, And Chose To Be A Menace

    I would pay good money to hear the mental gymnastics these people did to convince themselves that they were in the right.

    1. This monster, who somehow believes leaving just the bottoms of the muffins for everyone else is a perfectly acceptable thing to do:

    muffin tops bitten off

    2. This landlord, who was trying to figure out how to frame their tenants so they could keep the security deposit:

    landlord wanting to scam tenants who left apartment in pristine condition

    3. The owner of this vacat ion rental who went a little (a lot) overboard with these kitchen rules:

    long list of kitchen rules

    The rules are as follows:

    1. ONE DISH and ONE GLASS per meal!

    2. All dishes and glasses must be cleaned by hand. 

    3. No dishwasher use during neighborhood quiet hours! The neighborhood quiet hours are 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. to 9:30 a.m..

    4. Please do not bend our spoons. 

    5. For any advanced cutlery, serving tray needs, or for any minor appliance fixes or instructions, please contact [redacted].

    6. Tap water is okay (Drink at your own risk.)

    7. DO NOT keep any food in the refrigerator for more than 16 hours.

    4. This security guard who thought it was absolutely smooth and not at all creepy to write this person's number down when they checked in:

    the security guard texting the person

    5. This supervisor, who decided they could not, in fact, just let their employee enjoy something without being The Worst™️:

    bag of desert with a circle around the amount of calories and note that says, not worth it

    6. The ride share driver who accepted this ride, despite being too busy to be there for a whole 45 minutes:

    message saying they wont be there for 45 minutes

    7. The person who left this threatening note, despite the car's owner having a street parking pass to park there:

    someone alluding that they would slash their tires

    The note reads, "Did you know that paying for parking somewhere is cheaper than fixing four flat tires? Think about this next time you decide to dock your car [in] front of someone else's building for a week."

    8. The neighbor who thought it was perfectly good and chill to leave this massive pile of laundry in their shared laundry room for five days and counting:

    large pile of clothes

    9. This person's wife who ate all the skin???? off this chicken??? while it was smoking??? FOR WHAT???:

    skln eaten off a cooked chicken

    10. This neighbor, who absolutely would not stand for this rager of a party going on next door (It was a six-person Friendsgiving party) ((at 4:45 p.m. on a Saturday)) (((and they told him ahead of time that it was happening))):

    mean note saying they'll call the cops for the noise of the huge party

    The letter reads, "Hello. I am not sure why you would feel it is appropriate to have a 15+ person Friendsgiving in these apartments with the wall being as thin as they are. I am an attorney. I work early and late from home. I will not tolerate you having essentially a PARTY next door. I will not tolerate the noise. I have already informed police of your intention. If I hear you, I will call. We must all respect one another. Thanks."

    11. This coworker who could certainly work on their communication skills, to say the least:

    someone saying they get to go to lunch first because of seniority

    12. This delivery person who definitely got the chicken this person put on their grocery list, but at what cost???:

    chicken out of its plastic package and spilled on the rest of the groceries

    13. This fake friend who canceled AN HOUR BEFORE the concert because they wanted to bring someone else instead:

    text that they'd rather bring someone else

    14. This person who definitely thinks they're about to have the meet-cute of their dreams after leaving these notes on this person's car at work, but is actually being grade-A creepy and needs to stop, like, now:

    long poem-like letter

    The letter reads, "Who am I...just some[one] who hopes [this] brightens your day by reminding you of how beautiful you are. Who am I...I am the one who wonders if I would ever be so lucky....Who am I...I am the one that day dreams about you a little more than I should. Who am I...probably a little more broken than others...Who am I...I am probably someone who doesn't deserve your precious time...Who am I...I am the one that would disappoint you if you knew who I was..."

    15. This roommate who might've had good intentions, but proballlly should've checked before buying a ton of Christmas decorations and expecting everyone to split the bill evenly:

    someone saying they didn't budget for this expense because they weren't told ahead of time

    16. The super friendly neighbor who left this note on someone's car who — plot twist! – actually lived in Asheville, but had license plates from another state:

    printed note that says tourists are ruining ashville

    17. This person, who opened someone else's mail, then wrote it off with a fun lil' "haha I was curious, oopsie daisy!:"

    note on the opened birthday card saying it was in the wrong mailbox but they were curious, happy birthday though

    18. The person who sent this anonymous letter, which the recipient explained receiving, "because I work all day and can [apparently] control where the wind blows. It was mailed to me (probably by my neighbor’s wife), envelope postmarked the next town over:"

    someone shaming a neighbor for letting their leaves blow next door

    The letter reads, "Dear neighbor, I drove by your house today, and then by your neighbors — The Wilsons. I saw that poor old man, who I believe is 85 years old, working most of the day cleaning up leaves. He has worked other days too cleaning up his leaves. I couldn't help but notice that you are allowing the leaves from your yard to blow over on his yard. Shame on YOU!!!!"

    19. This ride share driver who accepted a ride, then decided it was the perfect moment to grab a not so quick snack:

    passenger asking if the driver is on the way

    20. This nightmare roommate who can't be bothered to do a single thing, I guess:

    roommate asking the other to clean their mess and replace toilet paper and the response is, please get a life

    21. This person, who seems to have forgotten that artists need to be paid, too:

    someone requesting a hi-res print of a mutual friend and for it to be kept secret

    22. These tenants who, TBH, I think just might wanna ban kids altogether:

    a petition to ban kids with someone writing over it, they're fucking kids, relax

    The original form reads, "Dear neighbors, Have you been disrupted by the children taking over the apartment lawns, parking lots, and the screaming and yelling? Please sign this petition. We need to speak out to make the change!" 

    23. And finally, this roommate who CRASHED THEIR ROOMIE'S CAR, then refused to pay a dime to fix it unless they agreed to let her keep borrowing it in the future:

    the front bumper damaged

    h/t r/mildlyinfuriating