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    9 Sneaky "In The Heights" Easter Eggs And Cameos We Spotted

    From nods to Hamilton, to cameos, to surprise post-credits scenes, here's everything you need to know.

    IT'S HERE, Y'ALL! In the Heights is finally out in theaters and HBO Max!

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    There's a lot to love about this movie — from the songs, to the cast, to the ~fun summer vibes~. In fact, there's so much that you miiiiight've gotten a little distracted and missed a couple of the Easter eggs hidden in the movie.

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    Not to worry — I've got you covered! Here are all the details I noticed while watching:

    1. While Mr. Rosario is on hold with Stanford, you can hear a snippet of "You'll Be Back" from Hamilton playing on the phone while he waits.

    Kevin on the phone
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    If you want to go back and listen for yourself, it's about 30 minutes into the movie.

    2. Lin-Manuel Miranda's parents, Luz and Luis, make a small cameo in the movie during "Breathe."

    Lin's parents in the movie and on a red carpet
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    3. You'll probably recognize these two if you're a Hamilton fan, but Chris Jackson and Lin-Manuel Miranda were both in the original Broadway cast of In the Heights, too. Both made cameos in the movie as Mr. Softee and Piragüero respectively.

    Chris in the ice cream truck and Lin pushing the cart
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    On Broadway, Chris played Benny and Lin played Usnavi. Lin's "Piragua" song comes about 52 minutes into the movie, and you can also catch him sing in "Carnaval del Barrio" towards the end of the movie.

    4. If you listen closely in the scene where Abuela Claudia goes to the cleaners, you just might hear the original Nina herself, Mandy Gonzalez, singing a doo-wop song in the background.

    Claudia at the cleaners
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    It's a little difficult to spot at first, but you can definitely hear it better as the scene progresses. Director Jon M. Chu also hinted that the song just might include background vocals by Alex Lacamoire, Bill Sherman, and Lin himself. The scene is about 53 minutes into the film.

    5. In a role that didn't previously exist in the musical, Marc Anthony makes a cameo in the movie as Gapo, Sonny's alcoholic dad.

    Marc Anthony as Gapo
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    6. During the dialogue between Usnavi, Vanessa, and Sonny in "It Won't Be Long Now," Lin, Alex, and Bill can also be heard on the radio playing in the background at the bodega.

    Usnavi drawing a smiley face in the glass
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    This happens about 38 minutes into the movie.

    7. Seth Stewart, who was the original Graffiti Pete on Broadway, made a small cameo as a bartender in "The Club."

    Seth pouring a drink
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    8. Javier Muñoz and Rickey Tripp — who were part of the ensemble in the original Broadway cast — also made a blink-or-you'll-miss-it cameo in "Finale."

    Blink and you’ll miss me. (Yes that is Rickey Tripp over my right shoulder and Quiara and family on your left) Honestly, the most beautiful day I have ever spent on set. We’re home….. @quiarahudes @intheheights

    They can be spotted alongside Quiara Alegría Hudes, who wrote the book for the musical and screenplay for the movie, too.

    9. Finally, the movie has a post-credits song! If you stick around until the very end, you'll hear "Piragua Reprise."

    Lin and Chris  in the final scene
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    In case you missed it, Mr. Softee's truck breaks down, and Piragüero is ~living for it~.

    Did you catch any Easter eggs we missed? Let us know in the comments below! If you're looking for more fun BTS facts about the movie, you can read about every single difference between the movie and musical and check out our interview with director Jon M. Chu.

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    Don't forget to catch In the Heights in theaters and on HBO Max now!

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