19 Times People Tried To Make Food But Instead Made Actual Nightmares

    Personally, I will be thinking about these hardboiled egg Jell-O shots until the day I die.

    1. This bean "burrito" that's definitely not poop:

    2. This thing that is somehow banana bread, but also a lab experiment gone wrong:

    3. These hard-boiled egg Jell-O shots that are the real deviled eggs:

    4. This...new...take on the classic gingerbread house:

    5. This PB&J sandwich that took some big creative liberties:

    6. This nightmare-inducing sheep cake:

    7. This bowl of pasta that's impressive AND concerning:

    8. This very creative attempt to make waffle fries:

    9. This steak-flavored marshmallow that looks a little too much like steak for my comfort:

    10. These gummy bears that are proof just because we CAN doesn't mean we SHOULD:

    11. These accidental brain buns:

    12. This Frankenstein Wellington that's equally impressive and terrifying:

    13. This creation that I guess is technically a bean burrito:

    14. This deconstructed burger salad:

    15. These, uh, "cookies" that were definitely missing an ingredient or two:

    16. These spring rolls that don't feel very spring-y:

    17. This cake that might've come to life in the oven:

    18. This creation that's somehow a masterpiece and a catastrophe at the same time:

    19. And finally, this bear-shaped ham that's straight from my nightmares:

    h/t r/shittyfoodporn