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    20 Of The Most Extreme Food Fails And Wins, Because Balance Is Important

    Strap in y'all, this is gonna be an emotional roller coaster 🎢 .

    1. This deceptive pizza that just barely counts as pepperoni:

    are you kidding me from ExpectationVsReality

    2. Meanwhile, this pizza that's so perfect, it blends in seamlessly with the box:

    I'm seriously impressed by this frozen pizza from ExpectationVsReality

    3. This breakfast corn dog that's pure disappointment on a stick:

    Mildly disappointed but very amused from ExpectationVsReality

    4. Meanwhile, this ice cream cone looks nearly too flawless to eat:

    That’s hot from ExpectationVsReality

    5. This SpongeBob popsicle that took some real, uh, artistic liberties:

    Spongebob Squarepants v. Spongeborg Cyclops from ExpectationVsReality

    6. Meanwhile, this Bubble's Powerpuff Girls popsicle looks like it came straight out of the cartoon:

    An character Ice cream that actually looks spot on from ExpectationVsReality

    7. This flourless chocolate cake that doesn't quite live up to its expectations:

    Dreams Were Dashed At The Airport from ExpectationVsReality

    8. Meanwhile, this cherry pie frappuccino is picture perfect:

    American Cherry Pie Frapuccino in Japan from ExpectationVsReality

    9. This brownie that's more than a little stingy with the toppings:

    This brownie. from ExpectationVsReality

    10. Meanwhile, this triple chip cookie dough does not hold back at all:

    Jackpot. from ExpectationVsReality

    11. This frozen pizza that failed to do the bare minimum — include the actual PIZZA CRUST in the box:

    this pizzaless pizza returned by a customer today... from ExpectationVsReality

    12. Meanwhile, these chocolate chip cookies outdo the picture on the package:

    Reality way bettet than expectation! from ExpectationVsReality

    13. This ground beef pasta that...definitely has beef, I guess:

    —U/munsch_kin / Via / Rocky's Italian Restaurant / Via

    14. Meanwhile, these chocolate cookies saw the advertised image and said, "hah, I can do better":

    I'm so excited my biscuits are bigger than in the picture! (They were put in the packaging horizontally) from ExpectationVsReality

    15. This salmon, cream cheese, and deception sandwich that feels like if 2020 were a lunch:

    Have a nice day! from ExpectationVsReality

    16. Meanwhile, this key lime dessert proves looking AND tasting good is easy as pie:

    Genuinely impressed. Even in slices it looks just like the packaging. Delicious from ExpectationVsReality

    17. This BBQ brisket sandwich that doesn't quite live up to its name:

    A Texas sized disappointment from ExpectationVsReality

    18. Meanwhile, these beautiful bake-at-home cheddar bay biscuits will transport you straight to the nearest Red Lobster:

    Best biscuit mix ever! from ExpectationVsReality

    19. These sad broccoli that certainly do not rocc-oli:

    Broccoli from ExpectationVsReality

    20. And finally, this frozen pizza pack that went above and beyond:

    4 pizzas instead of 3! from ExpectationVsReality

    h/t: r/ExpectationVsReality