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    Updated on Dec 6, 2019. Posted on Dec 4, 2019

    26 Times Restaurants Thought They Were Sooooooo Clever

    Plates? We don't know her.

    1. This restaurant that apparently has a ton of extra hats:

    Xander395 / Via

    2. This restaurant's presentation that'll knock your socks and shoes off:

    Palinon / Via

    3. This place that serves freshly shoveled sushi:

    cjs0131 / Via

    4. This restaurant that serves guac on a rock:

    fileboxes / Via

    5. This hot pot place that really dressed up the meat:

    brokenankleZ / Via

    6. This restaurant that decided drawers are better than plates:

    kiwimeli / Via

    7. This place that'll simultaneously feed you AND trap stray mice:

    the_avo_89 / Via

    8. This restaurant that hopes you don't want dressing on your salad:

    izozol / Via

    9. This place that puts sandwiches in bowls and soup in plates for some reason:

    Girthinater5000 / Via

    10. This restaurant that made bike wheels fancy:

    Mashinito / Via

    11. This place that traded pitchers for fish bowls:

    GracefulKluts / Via

    12. This restaurant that I really hope doesn't serve fish:

    dr_harlequin / Via

    13. This place that decided salad bowls were way overrated:

    mr-p- / Via

    14. This restaurant that served grilled cheese on this contraption:

    ResponsibleGoose / Via

    15. This restaurant that got ~board~ with basic sides of bacon:

    Jamerman123 / Via

    16. This place that encourages you to share a salad with your dog:

    SenorVapid / Via

    17. This restaurant that definitely left something stewing in its toilet:

    indiefarofinha / Via

    18. This place that seats its customers AND its burgers:

    shapkael / Via

    19. This restaurant that makes its waiters carry planter boxes around:

    BuckJuckaDoo / Via

    20. This place that thought serving food in light bulbs was a bright idea:

    mightgooutside / Via

    21. This restaurant with a barbed wire contraption that looks like an accident waiting to happen:

    paradoxipus / Via

    22. This place that thought noodles fit better in a vase than flowers:

    dhruvsumbli / Via

    23. This restaurant that's definitely owned by a Sia fan:

    coup_detat_21 / Via

    24. This place that serves shrimp ~au naturel~:

    TheFlyingPig32 / Via

    25. This restaurant that serves calamari in clogs:

    unclemarlo / Via

    26. And finally, this place that serves bacon on a bedspring:

    ANaiveUterus / Via

    H/T: r/WeWantPlates.