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    18 Expectation Vs Reality Pictures That — I'm Not Gonna Lie — Had My Jaw Dropping The Whole Time

    This is, basically, the easiest spot-the-difference game in the world.

    1. The person who made these "mozzarella sticks"...if we can still call them that:

    unmelted cheesestick inside fried exterior
    Burger King / u/imthewiseguy / Reddit / Via

    2. This seller, who has truly and completely left me speechless:

    3. This person, who definitely tried, but maybe shouldn't have:

    4. This person, who puts the "why" in DIY:

    5. This person, who definitely doesn't understand what "loaded" means:

    6. The person who looked at this rug and thought "yeah, I nailed it":

    embroidery gone wrong
    u/para-riot / Reddit / Via

    7. The person who made this NINE DOLLAR steak sandwich that ~technically~ has steak, I guess:

    8. The person who accidentally made their frozen banana ghosts even spookier than the original:

    9. Just...absolutely everyone involved in this puzzling creation:

    10. The person who thought this was a perfectly adequate "sandwich":

    sandwich with barely any fillings
    u/vgdaniel / Reddit / Via

    11. The person who took this cute robin bird decoration kit and made something straight out of Angry Birds...and my nightmares:

    u/tophat-minion / Reddit / Via

    12. The person who made this floral cake certainly a cake:

    13. The person who saw this Baby Yoda stuffed animal and said, "Yeah, close enough":

    14. The person who did the literal bare minimum in making this dish:

    full bacon strips laid on top of annie's mac and cheese
    u/breadbug13 / Reddit / Via

    15. The person who made this grande crunchwrap supreme that was supposed to have double the meat, not double the disappointment:

    no meat wrap
    u/lydiaenglish77 / Reddit / Via

    16. The person who designed these cat socks without realizing how they'd ~actually~ look:

    17. The chef behind this shrimp cavatappi that literally doesn't even have the same ingredients as the picture:

    a few shrimp on top of pasta
    Applebee's / u/_someonesaidwhat / Reddit / Via

    18. And finally, the store manager who saw no difference between the box and the Charlie Brown Christmas tree inside it:

    h/t r/ExpectationVsReality

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