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    There's A Theory That Dolly Parton Is The IRL Version Of Hannah Montana, And Sweet Niblets, My Mind Is Blown

    She's got the beeeeest of both worlds!

    We all know the story of Hannah Montana — the normal, everyday girl Miley Stewart who doubled as teen pop sensation Hannah Montana with only a few* people knowing her ~true identity~.

    And whether you know her as Hannah's godmother on the show or from her positively iconic music career, this is Dolly Parton.

    Miley kissing Dolly's cheek on stage at the Grammy's

    Well, recently, I learned that there's a viral theory on TikTok that Dolly Parton is kinda a real-life version of Hannah Montana herself. Basically, the idea is that Dolly puts on her signature wig and gets all glammed up when she's in the public eye, but looks unrecognizably different without it, allowing her to lead a more quiet, normal life.

    Now let's break down this theory, shall we? First of all, yes, Dolly's iconic hairstyle is a wig.

    Dolly with Jimmy Fallon, who is wearing her wig

    While you're probably used to seeing Dollly when she's all made up, she doesn't always rock that big blonde wig.

    Dolly smiling on stage with a guitar

    I imagine it'd probably be pretty tough to recognize Dolly randomly on the street or at the grocery store when she's not in full glam, right? Well, some fans from Dolly's hometown found their way to the original TikTok's comments to confirm that when she's not all dolled up, she's practically unrecognizable.

    A commenter saying "I live outside her hometown and its well known that if you see her, you won't know until you make her laugh"
    A commenter saying "I'm from her hometown and I've run into her multiple times not knowing it was her"

    In general, it seems like Dolly prefers to lead a more quiet, private personal life. After all, she and her husband Carl have been married for 54 years, but have rarely so much as been photographed together.

    Now, let's put this all together. Dolly is an international country icon AND maintains a relatively quiet, private life, mostly because of a blonde wig and some glam? Does that sound like anyone else to you, by chance? Do you think she's living ~the best of both worlds~?

    I'm genuinely curious — what do you make of this whole theory? Could this be another ~IRL parallel~ on the show, or does this all sound like a biiiiiit of a stretch? Do you think Dolly could've been one of the inspirations behind Hannah's character? Let us know in the comments below!