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18 Moments That Prove "Coraline” Is Actually A Horror Movie

It's been 10 years and honestly, I'm still kinda terrified.

Listen, Coraline was and still is one of my favorite childhood movies. It is truly peak Weird Girl™️ representation and I definitely dyed my hair Coraline blue at some point in college.

But it's been 10 years since the movie came out and y'all...I think it's finally time we talk about all the scenes that prove it's actually terrifying, especially for a children's movie.

1. The movie opening with this scene:

2. When Wybie found a very old doll at his grandma's that looked exactly like Coraline and left it on her doorstep:

3. When said doll started moving around on its own:

4. AND THEN when she finds out that Other Mother was spying on her through it all along:

5. When Other Mother says Coraline can stay in their perfect world if she replaces her eyes with buttons:

6. The classic DON'T GO IN THERE horror movie moment when Coraline goes through the small, hidden, LOCKED door:

7. When Coraline enters the Other Mother's world and discovers that there's two of everyone:

8. And when Other Mother tries to replace Coraline's real mother and keep her in the Other World forever:

9. When Coraline parallels Ouija (a literal horror movie) and uses a planchette of sorts to ~see things~ I definitely never wanna see:

10. When Coraline was trying to help Other Wybie escape and he straight up Infinity War dusted himself:

11. When Other Mother sews Other Wybie's mouth into this scary Joker-esque smile because she catches him frowning:

12. This entire musical number, which is a whole new kind of horror in itself:

13. When Coraline's parents go missing and she finds this majorly creepy doll of them:

14. When Coraline's parents call out for help from inside the mirror:

15. When Coraline gets trapped in the ~mirror dungeon~ herself and finds the ghosts of all the children that Other Mother already killed:

16. And then is tasked with finding their eyes to ~free their souls~ from it:

17. Literally just Other Mother's transformation into the most terrifying spider-being I've ever seen through the second half of the movie:

18. And lastly, when the Other Mother's hand miraculously made it through the portal and dragged Coraline to the well in the middle of the night, ALMOST succeeding in drowning her.

C'mon, you gotta admit it's pretty spooky.