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    Chris Evans Taught Himself How To Sew To Surprise His Dog After Surgery, And It's Unbelievably Pure

    I know it's only February, but Chris deserves a "Dog Dad of the Year" trophy.

    Quite possibly the most wholesome pair in the whole world is Chris Evans and his dog, Dodger. I mean, c'mon, y'all, LOOK AT THEM!

    Now, please allow me to introduce you to Dodger's favorite toy — this stuffed lion. They are 100% the same size, and this picture of them together is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

    Today, Chris took to Instagram to share that our favorite pup is currently recovering from his second hip replacement surgery. Wishin' you a recovery as speedy as your zoomies, Dodger!

    And because best friends do everything together, Dodger's favorite toy was also in "surgery" yesterday to repair a nasty tear suffered back in November. The stuffed animal's surgeon was none other than Chris himself. At this point I have to ask: What CAN'T Chris Evans do?


    In his Instagram post, Chris revealed that he's "never sewn anything before, but I'm pretty proud of my hack job." I'm no expert, but it looks pretty dang good, if you ask me!

    @chrisevans / Instagram / Via

    Can we please just take a moment to appreciate how pure and wholesome this is? It's giving me big ~dad energy~ and I'm living for it!


    TBH, I think Yvette Nicole Brown perfectly captured how we're all feeling right about now.

    @yvettenicolebrown / instagram / Via

    I am delighted to report that both Dodger and his little lion buddy are both happy and currently recovering together. Wishing these two best buds all the best!

    @chrisevans / Instagram / Via