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    19 Bad Roommates Who Range From "Well That's Rude" To "Pack Your Bags, Bestie"

    No, the garbage can is not overflowing. It's an ✨abstract sculpture✨.

    1. This roommate who must be made of money:

    2. This roommate who does not know what clean dishes look like:

    3. This one, who 100% doesn't own a measuring tape:

    4. These roommates who decided to create an abstract sculpture in the kitchen whenever the trash is full:

    5. This roommate who made ice, but only technically:

    6. This roommate who is going for a new record:

    7. This roommate who clearly does not pay the water bill:

    8. This roommate who was soooo close:

    9. This one, who got creative with their laziness: 

    10. This roommate who does not understand how ✨sharing✨works:

    11. This one, who put all their roommates into a hairy situation for WEEKS:

    12. The roommate who started growing a surprise garden:

    13. This one, who doesn't understand why the tin foil keeps getting smaller and smaller:

    14. This roommate who moved out...but not before trashing the bathroom one last time:

    15. This one, who is no eggspert at stocking the fridge:

    16. This roommate, who technically left some jellybeans in the jar, I guess:

    17. This roommate who washed the dishes AND the apartment at the same time:

    18. This roommate, who assumed spilling something "clean" meant they didn't have to clean it up:

    19. And finally, this roommate, who — frankly — chose violence: