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    17 Times April And Andy From “Parks And Rec” Were The Most Chaotic Good Couple On TV

    "Oh babe, you had a crush on me! That's embarrassing!"

    1. When they embraced each other's weirdness at work:

    2. When they refused to let adulthood be boring:

    3. When April got jealous, so Andy did everything he could to make it right:

    4. When they balanced each other out perfectly.

    5. When they fully embraced their alter egos — Janet Snakehole and Burt Macklin:

    6. When Andy wrote April very, very interesting songs like this one:

    7. Or even a whole album:

    8. When they admitted they liked each other and celebrated with a high five:

    9. And when high fives in general became their special thing:


    10. When April's wedding vows were honest and perfect:

    11. When Andy tried his best to protect April from a swarm of bees:

    12. When they made long distance work while Andy was abroad:

    13. And when Andy surprised April because he missed her:

    14. When they refused to grow up:

    15. When they took April's dad's car and drove 30 hours to the Grand Canyon to complete Andy's bucket list:

    16. When they made giving birth ~spooky~:

    17. And finally, when they gave their son's name their signature April and Andy flair: