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The 28 Raciest American Apparel Ads Ever

As NSFW as you'd expect... and then some.

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American Apparel is at odds (again) with Great Britain's Advertising Standard's Authority over its risque imagery. After receiving two complaints against ads currently appearing in print and on the company's website, the ASA looked into the matter, blushed, got a little bit faint and had to call for the maid to bring some smelling salts, but eventually felt sufficiently composed to rule on the matter and ban the offending photos. The final decision noted "a voyeuristic quality to the images, which served to heighten the impression that the women were vulnerable and in sexually provocative poses," which will come as a surprise to absolutely no-one who's ever seen an American Apparel ad before.

Feeling shocked/outraged/oddly light-headed? Sure. But how do they stack up to American Apparel ad campaigns past?

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