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    The 21 Most Ridiculous Tracksuits Of All Time

    Nobody exercises in these — which is where all the trouble began.

    1. You can't talk about tacky track apparel without addressing early 2000s Paris Hilton.

    2. The latest iteration of the Juicy tracksuit is leopard print. How silly!

    3. Beats this Ed Hardy number.

    4. Tracksuits are a staple of other labels, too. Like Jeremy Scott.

    5. How would you measure up in this?

    6. Scott really likes a sassy prints.

    7. Even Gucci has dabbled in tracksuits.

    8. At least this clear tracksuit would keep you dry in the rain.

    9. Pink Michelin Man tracksuits.

    10. Ridiculous tracksuit styling tip: pair with super-high heels.

    11. And here's a high fashion tracksuit.

    12. Here's three more. Look for them on street style blogs.

    13. This one too.

    14. As if the print wasn't ridiculous enough, this one comes with words.

    15. The '90s were so bad/great for tracksuits.

    16. Another Etsy find.

    17. Even men can get in on this hipster nonsense.

    18. Hopefully this skirt + crop top tracksuit is a Halloween costume.

    19. Tracksuits are only made more ridiculous by adorable puppies.

    20. "Save me!"

    21. And this is the perfect tracksuit.