Stony-Faced Claire Danes Covers “Vogue”

She’s styled in a spy-worthy Burberry trench though, so why not bring the Carrie Mathison crazy eyes?

1. Here’s Danes on the cover, perhaps having just found out she’s landed the “Age Issue.”

Annie Leibovitz/VOGUE / Via

(This pretty much means you’re Vogue’s token oldie for the year. This expression definitely reads, “come on now, I’m 34 years old.”)

2. Regarding the lack of any hint of happiness whatsoever, over to Smize Correspondent Tyra Banks:

Ok great, thanks for that Tyra.

3. The accompanying shoot is also Homeland-themed. Here’s Danes/Mathison on a stakeout mission.

Annie Leibovitz/VOGUE / Via

This must be when she overheard the “Age Issue” news. Or that, bar one ballgown coming up, this Victoria Beckham sheath dress is about as exciting as the styling gets.

4. Her Homeland co-star Damian Lewis pops up, perhaps also in character as ever-broody Nicholas Brody.

Annie Leibovitz/VOGUE / Via

Here they are in a car. Brody’s annoyed because Carrie’s told him they have to go to the mall and find some more exciting dresses to feature in her Vogue shoot, you see.

7. This will have to make do as a changing room, then. And this Calvin Klein dress is lovely.

Annie Leibovitz/VOGUE / Via

8. Omg potty mouth Carrie!

Brody just wants a quick stroll around the food court while you try on those last few looks.

9. Now here they are having a (chic) lover’s quarrel. Maybe Brody preferred the blue dress or something?

Annie Leibovitz/VOGUE / Via

(These GIFs are just here because they’re dramatic.)

12. But all it takes is a little bit of formalwear for them to settle their differences and have a nice cuddle.

Annie Leibovitz/VOGUE / Via

14. Homeland’s third season doesn’t air until late September, so this August cover seems like a weird choice, timing-wise.

Objectively, the October issue would seem like a much better fit. But then, perhaps Anna’s just a big fan of the show and made a deal to get some preview screeners early. See more from the shoot and read the accompanying interview with Claire Danes, who’s out of character by that point, over at

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