Crystal Renn Posing Dramatically With Pool Toys

The “plus-size” model is accompanied by an inflatable menagerie in HUNGER’s latest issue.

1. You can almost hear the photographer directing her: “This is your jungle army and they’ve appointed you their fabulous warrior queen!”

What you can’t see is the set assistant out of the shot holding up the legless creatures.

2. “Now prance, prance and leap with the shark!”

3. “Hoist the heaviest one atop your shoulders!”

4. Midway through the shoot Crystal got fed up with the yelling and took it out on the T-Rex.

5. And went to her go-to move, posing supinely over a marine mammal.

6. After a hard day’s work both Crystal and the penguin looked a little, well… deflated.

All in a day’s work.

7. Bonus not-as-fierce pool animal editorial pic from July 2012 Teen Vogue.

Are inflatable animals the new tiny dog in a purse? Only time will tell.

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