Nasty Gal Just Got Even More ’90s

Taste be damned! This collaboration with Lazy Oaf is too awesome to resist.

1. Nasty Gal partnered with kitschy British label Lazy Oaf on a line inspired by “candy packaging and sticker albums.” Let’s check out some of the pieces from the lookbook.

2. Like this backwards and slouchy flower-embellished dress.

You won’t be able to resist this bratty ’90s look, despite your best efforts.

3. What in your wardrobe would this even go with?

Besides everything you own?!

4. This collection is rife with spandex and zany prints.

Like squiggles.

5. Crop tops are a Nasty Gal fixture. Added to chaotic prints and spandex, magical things happen.

6. These magical things.

Where wouldn’t you want to wear this?

7. Watermelon is a key motif.

8. Along with all other fruits.

9. Super short hemlines allow you to show off your legs, which will be toned after many hours of roller blading.

10. When they said sticker books were an inspiration, they clearly meant those by the legendary Lisa Frank.

11. Nearly everything is either short, tight or both.

12. Even the accessories are in keeping with the whole “6 year old circa 1995 ” theme.

Just check out those friendship bracelets. You totally had 500 of those things.

13. And there’s a denim jacket that I can only hope was embellished using an actual Bedazzler.

15. And shop them here.

16. Godspeed, shoppers!

Just be mindful of Nasty Gal’s less-than-ideal return policy.

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