Lindsay Lohan Proves Pants Are Wholly Unnecessary

And confirms our long-held suspicions.

1. This is what Lindsay wore to celebrate her belated birthday (she was in rehab on the actual date) in New York this past Monday.

Via Raymond Hall / FilmMagic

2. As you can see, it’s just a shirt. But she’s making it work like a dress as only someone like Lindsay could.

Via Raymond Hall / FilmMagic

In fact, the real shocker here is that she neglected to cinch the waist with a belt!

3. And her choker is reminiscent of her character in Freaky Friday! Thankfully her hair is free of stripey blonde highlights.

Raymond Hall / FilmMagic

Walt Disney Pictures via


4. Cool shirtdress shirt/dress and happy belated birthday, Lindsay!

OWN Network / Via

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