Lady Gaga Painted Her Face To Match Her Album Cover

    And went out in public. Naturally.

    This is the album art for Lady Gaga's leaked single "Applause" from her upcoming album Artpop.

    During a leisurely stroll through Los Angeles on Monday, she wore almost identical face makeup and an entirely black outfit that was definitely too suffocating for the L.A. heat.

    The makeup is actually rather beautiful but probably not something we'll be seeing Pinterest tutorials for anytime soon.

    And the otherwise ultra-pale skin and slicked back hair combo looked a little familiar.

    Marilyn Manson circa 2000 (right).

    Gaga made a quick wardrobe change before heading out to a drag show with the cast of RuPaul's Drag Race, because who would be more accepting of technicolor eye makeup?

    While she was there, she posed with her adoring fans and took pointers on stage presence.

    Unfortunately, one of her fans attempted a version of her new look but didn't get it quite right.