Joshua Jackson Is Now Basically Everything Pacey Witter Was Not

In other words, well dressed. Sorry not sorry — it had to be said.

1. Mr. Jackson, if you’re nasty, poses for a new Mr. Porter fashion spread in all sorts of sharp suiting.

2. Risking splinters, like the prototypical rebel without a cause, in a sleek Canali suit.

That fence looks positively dangerous.

3. And scaling slippery rock walls in slim-fit pants.

It’s all fun and games until you fall off and rip those pants right through the crotch, Joshua. Then you’ll feel silly.

4. Gazing into a hazy distance in an expensive-looking Lanvin sweater.

(Probably thinking about what dangerous things to do next — and how to look dashing while doing so.)

5. Ok, time for a break from all that thinking.


6. Incidentally, the shoot also features mournful, artsy shots of birds.

7. And lighthouses. Kind of like those moments when Dawson’s Creek got serious.

8. To be honest, we like to think this is what would have happened if Pacey left Capeside and moved to Milan for a few years — before ultimately settling down in TriBeCa with Joey.

9. He’s come so far!

But we’ll always have the Caesar cut memories.

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